Trinity Curriculum

Each teacher develops lessons that meet the needs of their class. These lessons are guided by the Virginia Foundation Blocks for Early Learning

A Typical Day’s Schedule

The day’s schedule is especially designed to consider the age and needs of each class. The children have opportunities to enjoy activities outside of their individual classrooms. Each day children enjoy different activities, including music, gym, and our outdoor playground. When outside the classroom, the classes are paired a similar age class, providing more opportunities for friendships to develop. Class schedules include the following areas:

  • Circle time
  • Music time – with a separate music teacher
  • Story time
  • Large motor skill activities include: playing on gym equipment and the outdoor playground
  • Fine motor skill activities could include: using paint brushes, crayons, pencils, glue sticks, and clay
  • Playtime in the classroom may include: art activities, building with blocks/toys, imaginative and pretend play
  • Snack and lunch – all food is sent from home
  • Short film (once a week, usually an animated version of a book, approximately 8 minutes long)

Additionally, teachers will incorporate seasonal activities. For example, some classes will host live creatures including insects, tadpoles and hatching eggs.

Field trips are also timely. In the fall, older classes visit a Farm around harvest time. Some classes visit the Nature Center to hear about Native American history in Arlington around Thanksgiving and some classes tour the Post Office and mail their Valentines.. We also have in house special programs, including puppet shows, visits from firefighters and local nature centers.