Preschool After Learning Session

Trinity Preschool is proud to announce the implementation of: Preschool After Learning Session (PALS)

Pilot Program Year
Available to 3 & 5 day students enrolled at TPP

Beginning June , Trinity is opening enrollment for our PALS pilot program! This program will begin September 9, 2024 for the 2024/2025 school year. PALS will run from 1-3:30pm. This program will provide eligible children to experience themed activities, snack time, and indoor/outdoor playtime after their regular school day.

This is Trinity’s first year providing this option for families, and the 2024-2025 school year is considered a pilot program. We will be collecting and encouraging feedback throughout the pilot year so that; if successful, we can implement them the following year to create a long-term program that works best for everyone.

Details of the pilot program are below. As we gain feedback and an understanding of how our community will utilize this program, some of these may change after the pilot year:

Any student enrolled in 3-day or 5-day class is eligible for enrollment.

You will commit to days you need for a semester (Sept – Dec, and/or Jan – May).

You can enroll for as many days per week as you like (M-F), as long as it’s the same days for the semester. For example, if you attend Trinity for a 5 day a program, you do not have to sign up for 5 days of PALS. You may choose 5 or just a few days, whatever works for your schedule. Whichever days you choose, you are committed for the semester.

The amount you pay depends on how many days per week you sign up for each semester. For the fall semester:

  • 1 day/week = $480 per semester
  • 2 days/week= $960 per semester
  • 3 days/week= $1,440 per semester
  • 4 days/week= $1,920 per semester
  • 5 days/week= $2,400 per semester

Yes, PALS will align with the Trinity school calendar for holidays, snow / inclement weather days, and summer schedule. If there is an early release, PALS will not hold a session that day.

Pickup time is promptly at 3:30pm. Tardiness will not be permitted and after three late pickups, enrollment in the program will be re-evaluated.

We ask for upfront payment for one month upon enrollment. Payment will be based on days/semester and done in monthly installments. We require ACH payments enrollment for PALS.

Due to student/teacher ratios and needing to anticipate staffing needs, we need to be able to know how many children are enrolled each afternoon. Depending on the success of this program and numbers of children enrolled we may be able to offer drop-in options in the future.

Please register below for PALS by June 30, 2024. As we have limited space, we will assess registration and capacity for the Fall semester after that date and let you know about enrollment as soon as possible.

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Price is $480 per day enrolled for the Fall Semester. There is no registration fee. However, a non-refundable deposit of one day $480 is required to register.
Payment Method
Supported Credit Cards: MasterCard, Visa

Any more questions or need clarification? Please reach out to the Trinity Preschool Office!