Lottery Process and Registration

After priority registration is complete, any remaining spots are made available to the public via lottery. The lottery happens each year on the first Saturday of February and begins at 9:00am.

New for 2019, you may pre-register for the lottery and do not need to be present.  If you prefer, you may attend the lottery in person and will know that morning if your child has received a spot.  Being present will not affect your chances.

If your child receives a spot at the lottery, we will contact you to complete registration.

Registration for the lottery will begin January 1, 2019

Click Here to register for our lottery on February 2, 2019.

Wait List

Once class rosters are filled, we compile a wait list for each class.  We use the wait lists throughout the year.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Lottery and Wait List:

What are my chances?

Available spots vary from year to year and class to class. Some years everyone on the wait list has been called; other years no one is called for certain classes.  A message will be on the preschool voice mail with the number of open spots for each class on the Friday before the lottery.

Is there a charge to be on the wait-list?

No, we only take money if you receive a spot in the preschool.

Can I be on more than one wait list?

Yes, as long as your child’s birth date falls within the eligible dates for both classes, you can be on more than one wait list.

Can I accept a spot and still be on the wait list for the other class?

Yes, if you prefer a class that is wait listed, you can be on the wait list and accept the spot in the other class. You will need to register for the other class and the registration fee is not refundable.

If I’m on the wait list, when am I likely to be called?

We call to fill spots whenever one comes available. However, around mid-May (when the tuition deposit is due) and just before school begins in August, are two times when there tends to be a lot of movement on the wait lists. We continue to use the wait lists even after the beginning of the school year.

Others things to note:

Students must be potty-trained prior to coming to school. Trinity Preschool does not accept students who claim religious exemption from vaccinations.