Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below a list of our most frequently asked questions regarding the school. For answers to registration and lottery related questions, please see our Admissions FAQ.

Registration for Trinity Preschool begins in January. Priority groups include: current students, siblings of former students and Trinity Church members. After priority, registration is open to the public by lottery; which is held on the 1st Monday in February at 9:00am. The drawing of names will begin at approximately 9:15am. See our Lottery Process page for more information.
  1. Schedule a tour of the school. Tours of the school occur throughout the year. There are 2 Open Houses scheduled, one in November and one in January – check the calendar for exact dates and time.
  2. Lottery – 1st Saturday of February for fall. Registration form and fee are due for children who receive a spot in the school.
  3. First week of April – an information packet is sent home to students enrolled for the fall. The packet includes a “Get to Know You” questionnaire and the required Medical Form.
  4. May 15th – Tuition deposit for following year. May tuition is due for all students enrolled for the Academic Year. This deposit, along with the registration fee, is non-refundable.
  5. Mid-August – Teacher Assignment letters are sent home to families.
There are 128 total children enrolled.
We can schedule tours most days around 9:30m, though we can be flexible on the time. Usually, it is better for parents to visit without children, so that they can give their full attention.
Every day students go to Music Class, gym and the playground. In the class, teachers plan developmentally appropriate activities. For more detail check HERE:
We are not a nut-free school.  However, if a student has a severe allergy, we will require parents to refrain from bringing allergens into the classroom. 
There are several ways we communicate with parents.  Teachers send out periodic e-mails with details from their specific class. The Preschool Office send a weekly e-mail update and there is a monthly newsletter that contains important dates and events.
Music is held every day by a separate music teacher. Special science classes are held monthly by our own science teacher.  Teachers incorporate other activities in their daily classroom activities. 
Before the start of school, each teachers students in the classroom one-on-one.  In late September,  we have a Back to School Night, where you will learn about you child's daily schedule.  In late January, we offer parent teacher conferences to provide updates on your child's development.
Class ratios are set by Arlington County. under 3- 4:1, 3 years old - 8:1, 4 and above  - 10:1
Older classes participate in off-site field trips, including local nature centers, planetarium and a local farm.  Special events include semi-annual puppet show and fire truck.
Parents can volunteer as Room Parents or on our Preschool Board.  Additionally, some classes will invite parents to read in the classroom or if there are special projects requiring additional supervision.
Children say a blessing over their snack each day.  At Christmas time, we sing seasonal songs and the older students act out a Christmas pageant.
Lunches and snacks are sent from home each day.  Some teachers have a weekly "special" snack day.  Parents can sign up to bring a snack to share with the class.
Some of the students who start Trinity have a birth date after September 30th and will miss the kindergarten deadline.  Those students enter Trinity in a 2 day 3 class.  The following year, parents can choose either 3 day or 5 day 4 year old class.  Their last year here, the child would be enrolled in our Pre-K class.  Once a family has enrolled in Trinity, they are guaranteed a spot for subsequent years.