Trinity Preschool Fundraiser

Every year the Board identifies a service project for our school.

This year our service project is with Open International. Open international is a non-profit organization started by a local Arlington resident and mom, Khady Lusby. Khady grew up in a small town in Senegal and wanted to give back to her community. Through her own efforts, what started as a one room school to benefit young girls has grown into a two story co-Ed school with more than twelve rooms!

How can I help?

We are collecting money for scholarships for children. School is not free in Senegal and many children can not afford to go to school. One hundred percent of the donated amount goes to the school and children and is tax deductible. If you are interested in participating, you can donate via PayPal or simply send a check to the Preschool Office.

How much?

Whatever the amount you choose to donate, no matter how small, will make a difference because we will work together. For perspective, half of a month’s tuition for Trinity’s two day program,$150, will cover an entire year of education. Think of how life changing and amazing that would be!

How will my kids be involved?

Trinity students will send letters and art work, with the sponsored children at Open. They will also see pictures and learn the story of their pen pal and their pen pals will learn about them.

We plan to have an opportunity to contribute in another way in the spring as well. To help continue the connection to this wonderful organization.

Donations $836
Goal $1,200