Tuition & On-line Payments

Tuition 2020 – 2021

  • 5 Day Classes (Pre-K, 5 Day Fives & 5 Day Fours) = $4,950 annual
  • 3 Day Four Year Olds = $3,650 annual
  • 3 Day Three Year Olds = $3,000 annual
  • 2 Day Three Year Olds = $2, 600 annual

Tuition is payable in 10 equal installments.  The first installment is due by May 15th prior to the school year.  The next installments are billed monthly beginning in September and ending on May 1st.

Optional Lunch Bunch for Three Year Olds until 1:00 pm.

For 2 day & 3 Day Classes – each day except Friday

$50 additional per month.

This is a flexible option for families. You sign up on the 20th of the previous month for either one or both days. When you sign up, it is for the full month; this is not a drop in program.

How to Pay Tuition and Fees

Most families simply pay by bringing a check to the Preschool Office.  Below are other ways to pay, please note some of these options have additional fees.

  • Checks – always accepted – drop off in the Preschool Office or the drop box by the Community Bulletin Board
  • Enroll in on-line payments through your bank. Your bank will mail a check to the preschool office for your tuition.  Please indicate “Preschool” if you choose this option.  Fees vary by bank for this service.
  • PayPal – you transfer money directly to Trinity via your personal Paypal account. The fee for using PayPal is approximately 2.25%.  This payment is accessed through the Preschool web-site.  The fee has been added to the amounts in the PayPal cart.  The options for PayPal are listed below

Effective March, 2020, we have added some additional ways to pay on-line:

  • Through “MyProCare” portal , you can use credit or debit card from your child’s account. The fee for this is 2.75% of each transaction.  The ProCare system will automatically add the fee to your payment.
  • ACH – you can enroll in automatic payments. You will need to provide banking information to the Preschool Office.  Once a month we will auto bill your checking account and the money will be transferred directly to the preschool.  There is no fee for this service.  Click  here  for the enrollment form.

Paypal – Tuition listed is for the 2020 – 2021 school year

See below for Paypal link. The amounts shown below include the additional fee that paypal charges for using their service.

  • 2 Day – 3 year old tuition = $266.50
  • 3 Day – 3 year old tuition = $307.50
  • 3 Day – 4 year old tuition = $375.00
  • 5 Day – 4 year old & Pre-K tuition = $507.50
  • Lunch Bunch = $51.50
    • Beginning in 2019 – When students sign up for “Lunch Bunch” they sign up for both days.

Trinity’s tax id number is 54-0551904.